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Acne has always been a big problem especially for teenagers. Teens desire to look good wherever they go and acne problems prove to be a big hindrance in looking good.

Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid is a water soluble vitamin. It is an essential nutrient for many animals. Humans also have many uses for Pantothenic Acid and is used to treat the following:

A study by Dr. Lit-Hung Leung found that high doses of Vitamin B5 could resolve acne problems and even decrease pore size. The effect of Vitamin B5 on acme treatment could ne noticed one week to one month from the start of treatment.

A lot of medical treatments are available for acne problems - from simple medical creams to actual surgery. offers a product that claims to cure acne using mainly pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 and they also claim that the product is all natural.

Pantothen: What makes it different?

Why Pantothen?

The main selling point of Pantothen is that it is an all natural solution for acne problems. Their research shows that it increases the natural chemicals in the human body that break down acne-producing oils. Pantothen is effective for most types of face and back acne like blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, nodules, pustules, and acne.

Advantages of purchasing from

  • 100% money back guarantee - This guarantee cannot be found when purchasing medicine at your local drugstore.
  • 100% all natural - The company claims that Pantothen is all natural thus making it safe to use.
  • Special discounts - By purchasing at, the customer will be given special discounts as explained later in the review.
  • Gentle to the skin - The company claims that the product won't dry the skin of the user.
  • Express shipping - The company will provide express shipping when a customer orders 2 or more bottles of pantothen.
Pantothen vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Pantothen)

A LOT of medicinal treatments for acne could be purchased at your nearest drugstore. Here are some of the more popular acme treatment medicines:

  • Panoxyl - this is one of the most commonly used medicinal cream to treat acne. It comes in 5% and 10% solutions. Pros include fast effect to pimples but the wrong dosage could lead to severe dryness and darkening of the skin. It is very easy to use - the cream is to be applied at infected areas only.
  • Yaz 28 - another widely used medicine to treat acne. However, it also acts as a birth control pill to prevent pregnancy. It seems to be quite effective in curing pimples however, some have experienced extreme weight gain while using the product.
  • Tetracycline - this medicine is used for a wide variety of infections including acne. It also has the effect of drying the skin and darkening some parts of the area applied. There are mixed reactions with regards to the users of the medicine.

The effect of acne treatment from one person to another varies widely thus the discrepancy in user reactions.

Pantothen: Pricing & packages

One bottle of Pantothen will cost the buyer $39.95. However, there are some perks when a customer buys more that one product.

If a customer buys two bottles (for $79.90), an additional bottle of Pantothen will be given absolutely free. This deals saves the customer $39.95.


If a customer buys three bottles (for $119.95), two additional bottles of Pantothen will be given absolutely free. This deal saves the customer $79.90.


If a customer buys four bottles (for $159.80), four additional bottles of Pantothen will be given absolutely free. This deal saves the customer $159.80!


Also, buying two or more bottles of Pantothen would ensure express delivery to your place. For further customer security, offers a 100% money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. However, the money back guarantee should be availed of within 90 days after the order has been received. The empty bottles should be returned in order to receive full credit (shipping costs would not be refunded)

Pantothen: Product images & screenshots
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Pantothen: Customer reviews & comments

The positive feedback

One satisfied customer claimed that just by using Pantothen for two weeks, his skin was noticeably clearer, and by using it for a month, large spots and boils were gone from his face. Numerous customers are also satisfied with the results of using Pantothen.


The negative feedback

Some people are disgruntled about Pantothen. One dissatisfied customer states that it does not work and it only dries the face. Another customer states that Pantothen pills are bogus and are just over hyped. A couple of customers complain that the product has not been delivered after 2 weeks and they are already tired of waiting. Another customer claims that her acne problem seems to worsen with the use of Pantothen.


I have not personally used Pantothen. However, I do find a number of faults in the website of Pantothen. First, the website does not clearly state how to use the product. It simply says "take four pills a day" with no instructions as to the interval of taking the pills. Second, the website does not state if Pantothen is approved by the Food and Drug Authority. Third, the contents of one bottle of Pantothen is not specified. Fourth, they do not allow PayPal payments.

With so many options out in the market with regards to acne treatments, I cannot fully recommend purchasing Pantothen online. If you want a treatment for acne, it is best to ask a trusted dermatologist and purchase medicine from your local drugstore. With a lot of negative feedback surfacing in the internet regarding the product, I could only give a rating of 3 stars out of five.

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Very valuable review information. Thank you Lindbergh

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I am glad that i came across this informative post!! Thank you for the useful information!

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